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Tonye’ Consulting is a M/WBE owned business founded by Garley 'GiGi' Briggs, creative entrepreneur, triple small business owner, and arts & wellness industry expert.


We bring expert guidance and years of experience to the table with our coaching and consulting services. We specialize in helping small businesses, leaders, and organizations uncover innovative solutions that enhance business processes, services, and company culture. Our coaching and consulting services focus on three pillars: small businesses, wellness & arts programming, and leadership & team development. 

We aim to meet our clients at whatever stage of the business process they are in. We then strive to provide creative, data-driven guidance and implement effective solutions for our clients through small business coaching, wellness & arts programming consulting, and leadership & team development coaching.



Tonye’ Consulting strives to be one of the leaders in consulting and coaching within our three pillars: small business coaching, wellness & arts program consulting, leadership & team development coaching. Through implementing our business solutions nationwide, we envision creating positive outcomes that last for a range of businesses and individuals alike.

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